Friday, October 28, 2016 
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Chicago Housing Options Survey Tool

Welcome to HOST, the City of Chicago Housing Options Survey Tool. This tool is designed to help case managers and consumers in identifying appropriate housing resources available in the City of Chicago.

The questions in this survey are designed to be answered by the head of the household. Please direct all questions or feedback about HOST to

At this time, the tool is only designed for use by persons residing in the city limits of Chicago. Please note that although some questions allow you to choose not to answer, providing as much information as possible increases the accuracy of the results.

Disclaimer: The tool is simply designed to show you options for which a client appears to meet basic eligibility criteria. This is NOT a guarantee that the client will be able to access a particular housing option. Many housing options have waitlists some of which may be closed at the time your client is looking for housing. Many housing options also have in depth application processes that will have questions and criteria beyond those contained in the HOST.

COPYRIGHT NOTICE - This web-based application is subject to copyright and may not be reproduced, modified, or distributed, except as provided by license, without the written consent of CSH.

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